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You’ve surely heard of online learning. There are numerous online schools that offer a multitude of classes, a flexible schedule, specialized distance learning teachers, and many off-computer opportunities. But, regardless how many articles, Facebook posts, tweets and blogs you read, you keep asking yourself if that’s actually possible. Is online learning for kids safe? Is it useful?
Online learning can offer children more opportunities that a traditional school. Just imagine how learning would be like in the absence of all the restraints that come along with a physical school. It would mean field trips, travel, student athletics, time for music lessons and many more!
Some parents are not very fond of online schooling because it does not match with their work schedule. The reality is that parent involvement is vital to a student’s academic success. In this case, it doesn’t matter what school your kid is attending, because he will always need your support. As far as e-learning is concerned, your child will benefit from professional distance learning teachers, but he will also need your support to achieve his goals. The more dedicated you are, the more you will obtain.
Different approaches and opinions regarding online learning for kids
Some parents don’t choose online schooling because they believe that their kid will not be motivated to study. That’s a wrong assumption; in fact, most kids are eager to learn, but the presentation of the material bores them. Online, kids receive personalized instruction of concepts instead of tedious lectures. At an online school, students will be in control of learning and will be allowed to do it in their own way. This incredible independence and key motivation will prepare learners for college as well as for life. Online teachers keep in touch with students and parents all the time, and they make sure that the lessons are fully understood.
Sometimes parents believe that online learning is not common enough and that’s why they opt for traditional schooling. That’s a foolish motive and as a parent you should choose whatever is best for your child. All students are different and unique, thus they should not be all sent to the same schools and taught in the same way. Online learning will allow your kid to become unique and develop harmoniously without any restrictions. He’ll be able to pursue his natural talents and abilities.
How can online learning shape learners?
In some cases, parents are convinced that if their child doesn’t go to school, he will not be able to socialize and make friends. Yet, the reality is completely different. Online schools offer kids more time to join clubs, participate in sports do what they love, and therefore make friends who share the same passions. Plus, in an online school students can easily befriend their classmates, without fearing stereotypes and bullying.
Online learning can offer students a bright and very promising future. The real question isn’t whether online learning is suitable for your kid or not. Instead it is addressed to the parents and it requires them to find out if they’re ready to offer their child the best education.
What keeps parents from trying online learning?
In today’s modern society, online education and e-learning have become so important that both kids and parents need to participate in the same way. More and more colleges and schooling are now opting for various forms of e-learning in their courses. This means that now it’s more important than ever for children to learn using studying platforms on their own.
What makes e-learning extremely appealing for a kid is that there aren’t any limits to restrict the amount of information that can be accessed through diverse mediums. Today, children are constantly exposed to blogs, webpages, e-learning courses and countless personalized electronic gadgets. All of these are aimed to make learning an engaging, interactive process.
All in all, e-learning is limited to the school level. However, there are numerous online learning websites that offer original learning options that children can try at home. The whole process is simple, fun and will help your child gain some extra knowledge. There are many webpages that promise to make e-learning an enjoyable and entertaining experience that will please your kid, instead of overwhelming him with data. Parents are recommended to at least try these websites to see how their children deal with them. They may have an opportunity to offer their kids a brighter future and they need to take advantage of it.
David Miller is an educational researcher who has vast experience in the field of teaching, eLearning and online training. He is associated with prestigious universities and many leading educational research organizations. He’s also an ed-tech veteran, currently pursuing research in new eLearning developments, and is a contributing author with ProProfs.
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